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With many responsibilities and little free time, often a caregiver’s first question about a support group is, “what will I gain?”

Some support group members offer their feelings on this:

  • • “Until I started going, I didn’t know how much I was needing some support!”
  • • “It’s one of the best hours of my week… Being there with others who really know how hard this is.”
  • • “The chance to just sit and listen is fantastic and I’ve learned so much!”

What’s the purpose

The Alzheimer’s support group gives an opportunity for family, caregivers and others to meet regularly for mutual emotional support and to exchange coping skills with one another in matters relating to Alzheimer’s disease.

About the support group:

  • • A safe, confidential place to share your concerns and feelings
  • • Educates and informs
  • • Develops methods and problem-solving skills
  • • Encourages participants to maintain personal
  • • Physical and emotional health

Your opportunities

Participating in a support group can create some dilemmas when one must make arrangements for the care of a person with dementia, or take free time to attend the group. But, most find it worth the time and effort.

Support group benefits:

  • • Become part of a supportive group of people who know what it is like to live with Alzheimer’s
  • • Have an opportunity to talk and share concerns and feelings
  • • Provides a chance to learn more about Alzheimer’s disease
  • • Learn how to cope with similar situations
  • • Promotes personal growth and development
  • • Provides a place for people to meet
  • • Create new informal support and social relationships
  • • Take a break from caregiving responsibilities
  • • Have a chance to ask questions and receive support

Your privacy

Support group conversations often include matters like how a family is reacting, financial concerns or medical conditions, these are not things that are easily shared.  As such, all meetings are confidential.  What is said within the group, stays within the group..